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How do I pay for my likes?


We accept all major card payments with bank-level encryption, so you need not worry about your data! Also, we do not store any of your bank and card details.

How long do the IG likes stay on my account?


All likes are designed to stick to your profile. If you lose any likes, we will immediately reimburse your post within 1-2 hours via our Superviral auto-refill service, which is included with all orders made through Superviral for free.

All likes provided by Superviral are compliant with Instagram's community guidelines, so you'll have them as long as you do not deactivate your profile.

Is it illegal to buy real likes on Instagram?


We are here to tell you that the myth about buying likes being illegal is pure nonsense!

Avoid the headache of unwaveringly purchasing fake likes from shady websites and buy real likes directly from Superviral today. With over 70,000+ happy customers, you need not to be worried!

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Absolutely not! We at Superviral will never ask for irrelevant information such as your password. All we require is the username to a public account to deliver your account! Our hand-picked users from over a million people will like your post, and that's all!

To avoid placing your profile at risk for suspension or maybe a ban, we strongly advise you to seek services within reputable companies to buy Instagram services that have been established for as long as us.

Always keep wary of sketchy websites that claim to require your password. There is a strong possibility that they may have ulterior motives, such as malicious damage or hacking of your account! We will NEVER ask for your password! or any other personal information. We care about our customers and want to keep you as safe as possible!

How to get more US likes?


Using your Instagram analytics is a great way to gain likes organically. Keeping an eye out for data such as location and post theme gives a good idea where your audience is from and their tastes. Finetuning your content around this is a surefire way to boost your Instagram likes.

For added insight, messaging your active followers for feedback provides a great guideline to improve your content! Maybe particular aesthetics or content type keeps them engaged? Knowing what keeps your audience engaged will allow you to push your content to a broader range of people with similar tastes.

Complimenting your posts with the best insta likes that Superviral offers will bring that well-needed trust users look out for before deciding to follow a page.

What's the quality of real likes?


All likes provided by Superviral are high quality likes from real people approved manually by our team. This is achieved by our system analyzing the metrics of one's account and allocating appropriate likes.

We also monitor regular engagement and activity of a specific profile when providing followers. Goodbye to those useless, irrelevant likes from other services and say hello to the high quality, real likes from Superviral!

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Delivered as described for clothing brand

Brought likes for our open range farming Instagram page. Superviral has never let us down. Can't express how happy I am!

Lucas Bowling

Thank you james!

The increased engagement is pleasing. The real likes and the fast delivery was very reassuring that this service does what it says.

Rob C

Hesitant at first but very pleased now

Superviral isn't perfect as I've had some issues with my orders, however majority of the orders they've delivered instantly. Thank you

Devin Bryan

Client is happy

I received incredible quality and for the price paid of $1 I think it's really cheap.

Steven Hartman

Fast response from james

Fast response from the support team, I had an issue with my likes and now its resolved +++

George Collins

Pleased with service

This platform is really quick when it comes to delivering the likes!

Isaac Benton
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Reasons you should Buy Instagram Likes

If you're serious about increasing your IG engagement and reach here in the US, then buying Instagram likes is a must for your growth.

Why should you buy Instagram likes?

So, you have finally decided to increase your Instagram likes, but it's proving to be difficult here in the United States.

Instagram. One of the most used social media platforms on planet earth, with over 1 billion active users in 2021.

Full of excitement, you press on and share that very first Instagram post! However, you quickly realise that in the grand scheme of your goals, your has been un-noticed on the IG platform!

Gaining attraction and building your account past that initial entry stage can prove to be quite a difficult task with the level of competition in such a saturated market. Just how can you break past this plateau?

Before we show you our mind-blowing solution, first we must ask the important question, what makes a post gain attraction?

Instagram works by recommending user posts based on the type of content and its level of engagement. Building engagement organically can prove to be extremely monotonous, sometimes taking years!

That is where we come in at Superviral! Superviral works by providing REAL high-quality likes, allowing you to reach more people, faster! A post with a higher number of engagement is likely to get the attention of other Instagram users. Hence your post will be recommended to like-minded individuals, who are interested in your content! The Superviral Boost gives your account and your posts that push that it needs.

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram likes in the US?

All across the web, you have probably seen hundreds of services promising extremely cheap prices, with 1000 likes for as little as $1.00.

All you receive from these so-called "services" are useless, empty bots, that do nothing but clutter your page and put you at risk for a shadow ban, where all posts are limited to your current followers, ultimately ruining your chances for real growth!

This is not our aim at Superviral! At Superviral, we wish to completely overthrow the negative image behind purchasing Instagram likes by offering an honest and great growth service which provides active users, who will engage with your content! What good is a bunch of useless bots when you can have real people that interact with you.

Even with such a premium, Superviral believes in a cheap and cheerful business model. With prices like 1 dollar for 100 likes, you know you are getting a quality product for a fair price!

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brand owners and influencers choose Superviral

A brand's ultimate goal is to get the word of their product into the ear of as many potential customers as possible. They could resort to the old-fashioned methods of contacting Instagram users to like their post, but the world has evolved digitally! With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, there is plenty of opportunities for growth!

Major players in our world today like Apple and influencers like Ariana Grande all use Instagram to promote products! Social media is the perfect way to get people excited talking about your product! Currently 2/3 of users on Instagram are between the ages of 18-29. Companies strive to sell to this demographic, the most up to date, and tech-savvy group of people!

Even if you just want to push your page, the vast amount of individuals on social media, there will always be someone inspired by your works or interested in your product!

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram likes at Superviral

So why us? Here, at Superviral, we care for our customers, and we wish to see every single one of you to grow your Instagram page to its maximum growth! Your success is our success!

Since 2012, we have strived to create a service for inspired, driven individuals to get their IG page and posts receive viral growth without having to spend all the time of having to grow their page.

Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits to buying Instagram likes cheap

A successful social media marketer never succeeded by wasting their time! Buying high-quality likes at a cost effective price allows you to focus on the content of your page at hand, removing any headache that may come with fake bots.

The nature of the market is out of this world, always fluctuating. You never know when an unexpected cost may arise, maybe $5.00, maybe $500.00 for content development. A diligent Instagram user can focus on interesting content while purchasing cheap and real likes from us.

$1 for 1000 likes may sound appealing, but all you receive are useless bots that clutter your page, creating more problems and sometimes damages than from none at all!

This is why at Superviral, we provide high-quality likes from hand-picked accounts to ensure you are receiving likes which will give you a viral boost.

If even then you find yourself unhappy, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy likes on Instagram?

Absolutely! Ever since our formation in 2012, we have had over 100,000 happy customers, so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands! With other services providing low quality accounts, you are more likely to receive a shadow ban than engagement and they don't have as much as experience as we've had.

We can assure you, using Superviral, this will never happen! Every account that likes your post has been hand picked and authorised by our quality-control team.

Safe to buy followers

How long does it take to deliver?

Getting Instagram services has never been faster. As soon as your payment has completed, your order begins immediately!

From our vast experience of handling orders, we have developed a system that utilises over 400 advanced algorithms to calculate the most optimal delivery path of delivery to your account, all of this is done in the background. This allows for full delivery of your order in the fastest time and safest method possible.

Our system has been tried and tested over the years and continues to serve over 100,000 happy customers in the states! We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do. As the quote goes: "do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." - Walt Disney

Instagram Followers delivery time

Will it affect my account?

100% not! The whole reason behind Superviral's formation was to provide a service where users can comfortably buy legit Instagram likes without it affecting your Instagram account.

However, we are not in control regarding what you share on your profile. Please ensure that your posts all stay in align with Instagram's community guidelines. Stay away from prohibited content and you won't have to worry about your account at all.

affect Instagram account

Proven Tips to Boost Your Instagram Likes in 2021

In 2021, these free tactics can easily boost your IG likes, shares and views.

Increase your sales with incredible posts

We've all seen the classic videos from the Internet like the "Numa Numa" or the "Charlie bit my finger" video. With millions upon millions of views, these videos have become Internet sensations. Though the question is, what makes a viral Instagram post? And how do I go about doing it? Luckily, we've created a hassle-free process that you should always follow:

  1. Choose an eye-catching thumbnail! While scrolling through your IG feed, think about how many posts you scroll past. Ask yourself: which posts gain your attention? A flashy thumbnail that evokes intrigue and mystery, will make a user stop and think "What's this about?" You WANT this level of interest to build your engagement.
  2. Alternate your content! When creating content for your page, it is important you keep it fresh. The same generic content will drive newly acquired IG users away. Don't keep yourself limited to one genre, think outside the box. Whether it be a vlog from your usual skits, or whether it be a cooking video from your fashion videos. Your followers won't just generalise you to a specific genre. Be that influencer that is always full of new and exciting content.
  3. Use every tool at your disposal! Instagram has various different tools used to interact with your followers; stories, reels, livestreams, you name it. Using livestreams, reels and stories are a lot more relaxed and allow you to develop a personal connection with your followers. Even something as simple as you cooking dinner on a livestream is enough to broaden your horizons and allow your followers to have a glimpse into your personal life. Use exciting Instagram reels to keep your followers engaged in your daily life and announce new content.
  4. Connect your profiles! If you have multiple different social media accounts or even a website, link them together. This establishes a fine connection between your followers on one social media platform to another. This is a quick and easy way to boost your engagement with people already familiar with your work.
  5. Use those hashtags! Hashtags is what makes Instagram and Twitter extremely similar. It allows searching hashtag users to connect with like minded individuals, who will be interested in your content. Those who follow that hashtag will see your post in the hashtag feed. It's crucial to know which are the best hashtags to use based on the type of content on your post.
increase sales

Excite your followers with great posts

Exciting your followers with unique, inspiring content is the key to establishing yourself as a quality Instagram page and pushing your account further!

Expanding your horizons with a variety of different posts is crucial to exciting your followers to share and spread your work. Don't be afraid to be a little experimental with your content, experimentation shows you are willing to adapt and try new things out.

Over 95 million pictures and videos are shared daily via Instagram so there is plenty of inspiration. Spending quality time an hour a day is a perfect idea to gain new ideas for content for your fans. Study these posts; What they do well and what to avoid are crucial to the growth of your IG likes.

What really retains a user's interest is the ability to evoke emotion. A touching video that evokes anger, happiness, warmth is more likely to be shared amongst others than a dull announcement message which will result in a user scrolling past. We are all emotional beings after all, not robots and are guided by our emotions not by dullness. Fill your content with the passion it deserves and watch your Instagram post skyrocket!

excite audience

Finetune your page with Instagram analytics

Behind all the funny cat videos and memes, there is a lot more that goes behind how Instagram posts are shared.

Instagram analytics displays the statistical information regarding your profile and how it is performing over the past 7 days.

Instagram analytics store information such as follower growth, engagement with your posts, story interactions and many more! Understanding these metrics is the key to building your profile! Just like the mark scheme of an exam, analysing what is required of a good Instagram post to yield the best metric is crucial!

Leading companies such as Facebook and Amazon all take metrics of their users to form a better understanding of what their customers desire and how to apply it to their next product!

Similarly you can tell by your Instagram Analytics, what areas your followers are from and the age range your customers are.

instagram analytics

Boost your engagement

Do not approach building your engagement with such caution, it's relatively straightforward!

To improve your engagement, simply "engage" with your users more! This can be easily achieved by utilising stories to interact with your followers; questionnaires, music recommendations, or even just linking your new post. All are fantastic ways to boost user engagement with your IG posts!

Another fantastic way to build engagement is using Instagram's reels to keep your followers engaged with you! When you use Instagram reels, users that are looking through your reels are more likely to be interested, based on the TikTok's recent hype. If you are a musician, post an IG reel of you performing! If you are a gamer, post a reel of the new game you're live streaming! The possibilities are endless.

boost engagement

Get followers from influencers

When looking to increase your Instagram likes, where else is better than directly from the ones who already got there? Networking with other influencers is one of the fastest ways new and upcoming influencers use to grow their Instagram account.

Before doing this, you must have a solid idea of which specific influencers to reach out to in each category; depending on the content of your account, you need to first establish what your page is mainly about e.g. photography of architecture, funny memes or a business quotes page.

When reaching out to specific influencers to promote your content, be clear and concise in your intentions to grow your account while the influencer can benefit from having your amazing content on their page. No one likes timewasters so keep it quick!

Nothing is free in this world, and that goes for Instagram as well. When approaching an influencer, show what you can offer back, keep your interests in common and show your competency! For example, if you are a musician, show that you can play!

Expressing how much you enjoy their content and how it has affected you is a great way to build a relationship and rapport with the influencer. However, too much praise will make you come across as an over-the-top clingy fan!

So this is the best case scenario, what if the influencers never got back to you? Don't let that affect your goals! There are thousands of pages in your category. Simply move onto the next. Rinse and repeat.

instagram stories

Get featured on publications

Now we've got all the things relating to Instagram down, just how do you get yourself onto the news? Do something revolutionary!

Create something nobody has ever seen before! There was hardly anything for video sharing on the internet until Steve Chen came out with Youtube! You can apply the exact same concept on your own page, creating something nobody has ever seen before is crucial to get the world talking about you.

Making a habit of going through daily news companies such as CNN, Fox will give you a great understanding of what type of content they're willing to talk about. Getting an insight into learning how to get featured on media is not something you learn in high school. You learn it through trial and error.

IG live

Be found on the explore feed

Now for the main bit, how do you get your posts on the explore page? Well, it is basically just everything you've learned up to this point! Nobody ever got anywhere without hard work and dedication to the topics we've previously covered.

Creating high-quality posts, using hashtags, networking, paying attention to your analytics to see what works and does not, are all proven ways to attract yourself onto the explore page! A solid tip is to post around peak times where you know your followers are active, this technique is used by all largest influencers and social media companies. Post only on your specific US timezone peak times:

  • Monday: 7pm and 10pm
  • Tuesday: 3am and 10pm
  • Wednesday: 5pm
  • Thursday: 7am and 11pm
  • Friday: 1am and 8pm
  • Saturday: 12am and 2am
  • Sunday: 5pm
followers from influencers

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